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B Toys

Browse our brand new B range - toys that look a little different, play a little differently and give children the confidence to be creative through play. All of the B range packaging is recycled so kind to our planet. In our B range you'll find some great musical instruments that are fun and funky as well as more traditional toys with a twist that include Bristle Blocks (remember stickle bricks?) Bath toys and remote control cars to name but a few. Check out this B range - toys with a difference!

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Bristle Blocks

Remember Stickle Bricks? Bristle Blocks is the modern alternative. Bristle Blocks are available in many different sets each of them being compatible with each other to offer no limitations on imagination and design to the child. Bristle Blocks are fun, easy to join together and allow the child to get creative with their own designs or they can reproduce one of the examples on the boxes.

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EverEarth is a wooden toy manufacturer with incredibly sound environmental credentials and a very robust ethical ethos. With over 45 years of experience in producing wooden toys their design team are well versed in delivering great toys with good play value as well as developmental and educational aspects. EverEarth use materials that are safe for our environment in their toys and they continually strive to improve their manufacturing process. We have selected what we feel is the best in their current range, available in the UK, for your children including Noah's Ark toys, Building block sets, Stacking toys, Ramp Racers, Activity Cubes, Name Trains and adhesive letters.

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Fun To See

Fun To See are manufacturers of award winning removable wall stickers for children. The most beautiful wall stickers to turn children's rooms and nurseries into beautiful rooms. All of the stickers by Fun to See are completely removable without leaving any residue and are all proudly made right here in the UK.

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HABA have been making wooden toys and toys for children since 1938, they are known for their quality, made in Germany, but available through Dillon's Toybox in the UK, HABA toys will never disappoint. As you would expect from a European toy maker the quality really is head and shoulders above the rest. The quality is seen in both the materials used, and the workmanship employed, we carry a good range of HABA including the wooden marble runs, the famous wooden block sets, the cork board and hammer sets as well as lots of accessories for young girls including girls soft handbags and soft play food to perfectly complement our toy kitchens and toy cookware sets.

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I'm Toy

I'M Toy have been creating wooden and fabric toys since 1987. All the toys have been carefully designed and produced from environmentally friendly materials and sustainable rubberwood. The toys are finished with non-toxic and preservative free paint. All I'M Toy products are made and tested to comply with international standards; European Standard En-71 and American National Standards ASTM-F963-96a. I'm Toy have some really unusual toys like the glutting giraffe and the pounding doggy, both of which give hours of fun, alongside the more tradtional toys like prams for dolls and cots for dolls. The three things they all have in common are the high quality wood, the great design and high build quality.

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KidKraft is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden toys and room accessories in the United States and they now have a large presence in the European market so we are delighted to be able to offer almost the entire product range to our customers right here in the UK. At KidKraft, they believe that each and every child is an individual and has a limitless capacity to create and explore through play. Each piece has been crafted to high stringent quality standards and have been tested to ensure they are in accordance with the EN71 Toy Safety Standard.

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Lanka Kade

Lanka Kade, which translates to "the Sri Lankan Shop" have been recognised as a BAFTS, the British association for fair trade shops, as a fair trade importer. They work with seven family led enterprises who hand-make all their products. New products are designed in the UK with the specialities of one of the family enterprises in mind to utilise their individual skill set. The Large Natural Wooden Noah's Ark is for us the showcase piece, and really demonstrates the great skill of the craftsmen and women making these wonderful wooden toys and children's wooden bookends. We hope you enjoy their products as much as we do!

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The innovative Danish company Moover joins! This new company have produced some really cutting edge toys and rides ons with unique styling, perhaps the only time contemporary retro truly makes sense. These toys like many in our selective range are also award winners. Utilising a unique "click key system" many of their toys are designed to be assembled and can be disassembled easily by children and adults alike, making construction of the toy itself part of the fun! At last toddlers and children can safety get involved in the building of their new wooden toy on Christmas morning!

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Orange Tree Toys

Orange Tree Toys is a family run business established in 2000. The company has grown steadily over the years and have a very creative and hard working team. All their products are designed in the UK and they also design and manufacture bespoke and own brand products for a number of national retailers. Their toys are designed for maximum fun and safety, providing a range of beautifully crafted traditional children’s toys, including Rag Dolls, Skipping Ropes, Nursery Bookends, Skittles and much more. For babies thier nursery ideas make it easy to create a colourful and stimulating environment. Offering tremendous value for money, you'll find some brilliant gift ideas and pocket money toys here, making this area a firm favourite with parents and children alike. Orange tree Toys will also hold a special place for DillonsToybox as they were our first supplier, and the very first item, and Dillons very first treasure was the wonderful Push Along Duck! This was where it all started!

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PINTOY® and Pin Furniture® ranges are made from Rubber wood, which is harvested from replenishable forests when the Rubber trees have finally reached the end of their natural cycle. PINTOY® is also proud to have obtained the environmental Thai Green Label award! The Pintoy products we carry really are the leading quality wooden toys, if you buy one of the Pintoy trikes or cargo trucks pick it up and have a look underneath, the quality of the constuction and the quality of the materials really is very satisfying and the company is really one of our inspirations and why we are perfectly happy to sell products online as we now that nobody will be disapointed with the quality of the products. The Fire engine and Fire stations are other examples of great products with a great feel to them all down to the quality of the materials and the quality of the build! We couldn't be happier having Pintoy on board through our trusted distributor John Crane.

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Plan Toys

PlanToys® is proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality and safety standards in addition to following a path of environmental and social responsibility. They are committed to maintaining the highest standard of ethics while creating innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood. These toys inspire children's imagination as well as promoting their physical and intellectual development. This is well demonstrated in the Sorting Bus, this toy improves motor skills and provides stimulation for the mind as the shapes are sorted then have to be recovered from the back of the bus. PlanToys®are made from non-toxic, natural materials such as organic rubberwood. Our toys enable children to play, learn and become closer to nature. Green - As a Green company, we strive to use environmentally safe, responsible and sustainable methods to produce our Green Toys. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Safe - In addition to industry standards, PlanToys® follows their own stringent in-house safety standards to ensure a worry-free playtime for your children. Child Development - The educational merits of our toys are recognized by some of the most prestigious awards in our industry such as the Parents' Choice Award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award, as recieved for the wonderful Plan Toys Parking Garage.

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Plum Products

Plum Products have been manufacturing quality children's toys for over 23 years. They not only manufacturer a great range of pretend play kitchens for kids but a fabulous range of outdoor wooden toys from climbing frames to trampolines. Plum toys care about the environment and have adopted ethical and responsible approaches to the production of their toys and are registered with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ensuring that all the wooden toys are not only responsibly and sustainable produced but are also very safe and enjoyable to use.

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RoomMates Stickers

RoomMates wall stickers are made of high quality vinyl and can be easily removed from painted walls and furniture without leaving any residue. Removable stickers allow you to quickly create either a feature wall or totally transform a whole room. With lots of different sticker designs to choose from suitable for newborns, girls and boys.

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Skip Hop

Skip Hop is a leading brand originally from New York, we carry their Zoo backpack and Zoo Lunchie Range. We decided to take on Skip Hop as we feel their product really sits well with out key target market, You! This is a fun vibrant range where the focus is on design functionality and quality first. Ever popular the the A-List celebs you will often find Skip Hop and the Zoo ranges on the style pages of the sunday supplements.

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Teamson specialise in hand carved and hand painted children's bedroom accessories. Each piece of Teamson furniture is hand painted by one of their talented artists so no two pieces are exactly the same. The quality of craftsmanship is among the very finest you can find n the marketplace today and close attention to detail is paid to all parts of the manufacturing process whilst conforming to international standards. Their furniture is painted in the most popular bedroom themes for both boys and girls including Dinosaur, Transport, Safari and of course Princess and Magic Garden for the girls.

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Tidlo of John Crane

John Crane Ltd, are not only our distributor for the beautiful PINTOY® the stunning Sevi and the delightful Trudi but they also produce their own new range; Tidlo Timeless Toys, which has been very well received by the mummy blogger community. John Crane have been operating for over 20 years and only select toys which meet their stringent criteria of high quality, value, innovation and safety, with design flair! As our leading distributor we carry a substantial part of the John Crane range and we are very pleased to have been awarded Gold Retailer status! This means you can be assured we can offer the best they bring to the market today. If you are looking for anything form a first wooden puzzle, through stacking toys, beautiful soft toys, wooden kitchens, or trains, right through to Balance Bike, great Ride Ons and much more, you will soon find yourself a happy Dillon's Toybox and John Crane customer!!!

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Travis Costumes

We all know how children love to dress up. Whether it is for a fancy dress party, Christmas, Halloween, school plays or for whatever reason, children just love to get their glad rags on and have some fun. Travis Designs have a fabulous range of good quality original kids costumes designed for the very young through to the twelve to thirteen year age group. If your child has an event, then Travis will probably have the kids fancy dress costume for them. Dressing up is a great way for children to expand their imagination and immerse themselves in role play. Put a soldier outfit on a young boy and he’ll be crawling SAS style across the lawn before you can say Rambo.

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The Trudi brand dates back to 1954 Italy, and comprises of : Trudi Pets which includes the fashionable bags (Princess, Glamour and Sporty) with Poodles, Pugs and Chihuahua! Trudi Puppets, a range of lively animals (Dog, Pig, Fox, Lion, Wolf, Crocodile, Bear, Lamb, Crow, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon) brought to life in ones hand. Each character remains plump so becomes a cuddly toy when not in puppet use. Ideal for pretend play, increasing vocabulary and story telling. Best Bussi, a range of cuddly animals (Cat, Donkey, Lamb, Bear, Rabbit, Tiger, Panda, Dog) available in two sizes, medium and large. Trudini Soft, mini cuddly pals in soft plush fabric which comes in its own box with a satin ribbon (Racoon, Lion, Cow, Soft Bee, Elephant, Beagle). Trudi Rag Dolls, these make a great first toy. The colourful clothes will encourage manual dexterity, their long hair is tied up in satin ribbons and their big and bright eyes and smiley faces ensure little girls will love them! Trudi products are able to turn play into growth, tenderness into well-being, fun into positivity, imagination into education, cheerfulness into functionality, creativity into learning

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Walltastic are market leaders in children's wallpaper murals and room décor sticker kits and have a great range to choose from in both classical and licensed designs for children. Each Walltastic wall mural comes in 12 manageable sized pieces and hangs just like wallpaper. Each design not only makes a great feature wall but have an educational value to them also providing the opportunity for counting, reading and colouring as well as identifying animals and other characters.

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Another award winning supplier on, Wheelybugs! These are great wooden ride on toys, with a difference, they go in any direction your little one could ever want. Unlike normal ride ons these allow a real freedom of movement, something all toddlers want! The easy movement combined with the large curved handle these are seriously easy to ride children’s ride on toys.

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Win Green

Since they began in 2001, Win Green have aspired to bring back the qualities of the good old-fashioned toy and produce products full of charm with quality detailing. Their products will stand the test of time. The fabulous range of Play Tents from Win Green epitomise that quality and beauty. Each playhouse/tent is beautifully finished with applique and embroidery producing original and exquisite designs, guaranteed to enhance any child's bedroom or playroom. All tents are easy to assemble and will be perfect for hours of imaginative play. We think these designs are fabulous and we think you will too.

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At Dillon’s Toybox we choose our wooden toy suppliers as carefully as you choose wooden toys for your toddlers and children! This means we only have award winning suppliers who lead in their field, like Plan Toys, Pintoy and the ever popular John Crane Toys. Our demanding approach to supplier selection means that we also have some really innovative and interesting wooden toys, like the click together Automoblox wooden toy cars and the highly unusual but incredibly desirable Moover wooden pram and wooden ride on toys. We have recently added EverEarth, a very environmentally friendly company we are sure will become a very well loved Dillon's Toybox supplier! We hope you enjoy our toys as much as we do!

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